Friday, 16 February 2018

Slavic Impressions Of The Soul 1975

 Janko Nilović is a Montenegrin pianist, 
poet, and composer, 
who has lived in France since 1960. 
He has published many works, 
most of them on library labels 
not available for sale to the public.
Sampled to death by the Hip Hop community.
Janko lives in that area that borders 
Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock, 
Psychedelic and orchestral. 
Putting forth a unique, 
exciting and timeless stew of musical 
Be on the lookout for big Horns, Fuzz guitars 
and many other exotic instrumentation. 

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Simon John said...

Many thanks Paul can't say its one I have listened to before but knowing how are tastes are similar will give it a go.