Monday, 26 December 2016

Once Upon A Time (There Was A Queen Of The Disco) '77

So many beautiful
concept albums,
but this one for me
stands at the very top.
Giorgio's Electronic wizardry
and La Donna's
beautiful haunting voice
will forever stay etched in our minds.


Stan Harris said...

Sweet! Thanks so much Paul, happy holidays!

icall said...

what quality, wow, so alive!

thank you Sir,
such joy in this sound for those who danced it live on the floor.

vuoksenniska said...

Thank you for this great Donna Summer 2-LP,
She made wonderful records, but in my opinion this is the best one!

renato c said...

The best one in my opinion.
Have a great 2017!

Anonymous said...

Muchos recordamos a Donna Summer por la sensualidad de su voz, pero en este disco demuestra su calidad vocal, super.

Muchas Gracias


Fernando Zárate