Friday, 7 September 2018

Spotlight On - The Fever (Ultimate Expanded Edition) Once again before departing.

More than a Soundtrack, 
More than a Soundtrack to meeeeee !!!!


Stan Harris said...

Thank you! I am grateful for all that you do. Happy Holidays!

Nicki Ali said...

Thank you Paul, wow this is awsome. again thank you.!!!

vuoksenniska said...

Thank you so much for this expanded edition of great disco album!
You have done great work again.

CB said...

thank you for your efforts to put this together and share it. a one of a kind collection,thank you. cb

icall said...

wow again!
i never heard the 'Subway" cut- very cool
and those promo ones are outstanding!

thank you
i really love it when you post stuff (specifically the disco promo ones)
that have a deeper sound than even the regular 12 inches-
please share more of these that haven't been heard to many in 2016 ...
may the best come to you always.