Friday, 17 July 2015

Trip To Your Mind (1979) Both Versions

Gorgeous and infectuous 
British jazz-funk at it's best.
not much info on the group 
on the web.
I included the original 12 inch 
at 9:58 and the new remix
at 9:06.
Both excellent.


Chris said...

Excellent choice, Big Thanks !!!!!!!

the saucer people said...

I had absolutely no idea there were two versions! Man, when that kick drum started on the longer version I nearly fell off my chair! I always assumed the Ensign and Hithouse releases were the same - I'm so happy to find out that is not correct as the Hithouse mix is more how I like my music.. a little more sleazy and psychedelic.

Wow, just checked and the Hithouse 12 inch is on sale for £75 whereas the Ensign is half the price for a similarly graded copy.

I always say I was never a big fan of British jazz-funk, then I am reminded of tracks like Trip To Your Mind and the Atmosfear releases and I have to completely re-assess my opinion.

Many thanks for this, you have been posting some 'dope shit' as they used to say.

PS> Are the Power To The Hour mixes the same on both releases?