Thursday, 16 July 2015

D.I.S.C.O. '80 (Disco Mix)

Italo Cover of the 
popular track by Canadian 
Disco-Pop band 


Chris said...

Great sound, many thanks ColorZ !!!!!

the saucer people said...

So good to have a decent rip of this single at last - just checked and I have 3 different rips at various bitrates and this is by far the best by miles.

I actually think this is the superior version of Ottawan's classic (though I do have a fondness for their French language version) and it is great to drop it in a set and see the look of confusion on peoples' faces!

Such a shame that the instrumental version is so short, can't get enough of that bubbling synth sound (great production by the Macho guys) and isn't it such a strange yet weirdly compelling front cover.

Many thanks as always.