Sunday, 14 June 2015

Curtis - How Can I Tell Her (Promo 12'' '79)

Just a beautiful Disco track
that contains all the elements
that made Disco so good.


the saucer people said...

One of the best late seventies soul/disco crossovers, hands down - the beats are so tough and the voice so full of yearning and I just love the sound of the break around 5:30, it's just so, so heavy yet infectious.

Given the scarcity of the full 12 inch version, I never imagined I would be downloading this in WAV and I'm so glad the decision was made to share it in lossless as the quality of the rip is outstanding (I'm assuming the rip is from the original, not the bootleg from a couple of years ago, unless the bootleg was almost identical to the original, which is a hard thing to do I guess).

Kudos to all involved with this one - it is amazing how the best records can be completely bypassed, judging by the lack of comments so far (though not lack of downloads no doubt) - though I think this post will have longevity as it's there to be re-discovered and re-discovered by real music lovers.

Paul Colourzone said...

You are correct on every point. The charm of this track with the conviction the gorgeous lyrics are delivered makes this a winner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, Great Blog(s)