Friday, 8 May 2015

The E. W. Album '79

Even Rock Legends 
had to do DISCO !
Added a couple of bonus tracks.


Chris said...

Anxious to discover this, i only know Above And Beyond which is pure bliss .... TY COLOR Z .....

Paul Colourzone said...

Chris...You are my best customer.
Without fail the person who comments the most.
I thank you and hope every single post is to your enjoyment.

vuoksenniska said...

Another great album! Never knew Edgar Winter did disco :) Did some research and found out Tom Moulton has been producing this album with EW.
Thank you for sharing!

the saucer people said...

Always liked this album, but never even knew Mr Moulton was on production duties - kind of explains it though because the sound is superb to say the least.

It is interesting how many mainstream pop/rock fans bemoan the fact that their idols 'jumped' on the disco train, but in my heretical opinion, some of their best late 70s/early 80s work was done in this genre - The Kinks - I Wish I Could Be Like Superman, Stones - Miss You, The Osmonds - I,I,I Chicago - Street Player and even tracks like the Grateful Dead's Shakedown Street have a dancefloor feel to it... sure they are lots more like the Beach Boys disco track I can't remember the name of right now... and of course Above And Beyond!

Nice of you to include the extra tracks, you spoil us sir!