Sunday, 3 May 2015


I just wanted to say that 
knowledge is power.
Sometimes in our busy lives 
doing something for even those 
we care about seems 
like a chore.
So imagine how hard it is, 
for a busy person like myself, 
who has decided to share his 
knowledge with strangers must be. 
A simple Thanks 
even once in a blue moon 
is like a pat on the back 
that says 
THANK YOU for your Time 
and knowledge.
I have seen many good Blogs 
disappear because of frustration.
If you are a regular, 
I am not asking you to 
write to every post.
But when you get something that 
has moved you, why not share 
in that bliss.

contrary to what you might think,
I read every single comment.



soylent lorne greene said...

Sorry if I've been remiss in my lack of comments, but I'll do better in the future...Thanks for the many marvelous musical treasures I've plundered here! All the best to you!

Luis Santiago said...

Thanks for the great music you post. Your efforts are greatly appreciate it.

SFVince said...

Thank you for all of the work that you do to keep disco alive. I know it isn't a small task doing these remasters, especially at your level of quality. Listening to these classics has made a difference in my life.

richsoul said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate the time and effort and the great posts. Just lazy. I do appreciate the great work. Thank you.

Paul Colourzone said...

Even though I may not individually answer comments on my blog, I read every single one of them and appreciate them all.
Most of all it's great to hear when a particular post is special for you.

Unknown said...

Hey Paul,
I stop by and check out what you do and have downloaded a few times and really do appreciate what you do!!
I know it takes time and effort to do this and want you to know it is being enjoyed!!
Cheers Buddy and keep on doing what 'ya doin ♥★♪♫♪♪♫♪♪★♥

Alejandro said...

Not alwayas here, but when I do, I'm surprised.... A super hug, Paul!!!

balono said...


AlexB said...

Muchas gracias Paul.

Anonymous said...

Muy cierto lo que dices mi querido PAUL gracias por tantos recuerdos que nos haces llegar a veces dificiles de conseguir, gracias por tu tiempo tu dedicacion por todo gracias miles DIOS te bendiga mucha salud y prosperidad de parte de MARIO LOPEZ desde MONTERREY NUEVO LEON MEXICO.

Максим Озирский said...

Thank you very much from Ukraine!

the saucer people said...

Really liked the way you expressed yourself - like you say, it is not about a "thank you" every time but sharing how the music made you feel, an anecdote, a long forgotten memory triggered by the music or some extra information about the release and/or artist - that is what music blogging is all about.

I think the thing which really gets music bloggers is the comment to download ratio - it's OK if you just see a few downloads and the odd comment in response - it is when you see hundreds of downloads of a rip and not even a single thank you.

I think everyone who frequents music blogs should try at least to rip one CD or one vinyl release, then scan the artwork, tag the tracks and upload the rip to a filesharing site - when you appreciate the effort involved, an occasional thank you does not seem such an effort.

On that note, your hard work is always appreciated by me (as is your disco knowledge and taste of course!)

Paul Colourzone said...

I think you completely get the point SAUCER PEOPLE !!
Thanks for the comment and I hope some of my knowledge has been to your advantage at any point.

renato c said...

Paul, I follow you and DC for many years....
The only word that I write is... T H A N K S....for sharing good music!!!