Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Disco Godfather '79

A very rare and 
sought after album.
Which happens to be 
Do not be fooled by
the campy movie,
the sound is seriously
fantastic disco-funk.
Enjoy the Cleaned 


Chris said...

TY COLOURZ, good lp, what year is the release ? ... I'm enjoying this album very much ...

Paul Colourzone said...

It's on the title of the post Chris!
Cheers and enjoy.

vuoksenniska said...

I never heard of this movie, but music is great!
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Paul Harvey said...

Great to see someone else else showing some love for the Disco Godfather!

'Shermanizing-One Way Ticket To Hell' and 'Spaced Out' are my particular favourites - all the music was done by top session musicians and you can really tell, it's just so damned tight and funky - really surprised there has been no reissue or bootleg given the fact copies go for £250 plus.

The film itself is absolutely hilarious, I must have watched it a dozen times over the years - worth it just to see the bare-chested late Rudy Ray Moore as the "DJ" simulating a mix - never mind his one-man crusade against the local drug pushers, predicated entirely on throwing some kung-fu shapes and moralising one liners - a blaxploitation ode to the dangers of PCP - the discofied flipside to the Gil Scot-Heron cautionary tale of 'Angel Dust'.

Excellent choice, Paul!