Friday, 14 November 2014

El Stud - Reposted for the last Time - New Link

This Movie starring
Joan Collins qualified as a campy
soft porn,
the soundtrack however is an
 amazing testament to
Pop Music for 1978.
Where possible I have Added 
extended versions
and also re-Edited a
couple of tracks myself
David Soul's "Silver Lady" and
Real Things "Let's Go Disco"
to add to the mix.
This soundtrack was released in 2
different versions in North America
and Europe, with a handful
of different tracks which
are included here.
Stretched to a monster 3 CD edition.
The follow up movie and
OST to this one was The Bitch !


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lord Rhaburn - Disco Connection bw. The Professionals - Guajida (Belize Calypso Disco) FLAC Vinyl Rip

2 Delicious slices of the Belize calypso Disco Sound.
Lord Rhaburn gives us his take on the famous
Disco Connection number while
Jesus Acosta & The Professionals provide us with
Guajida...A take on the famous Guantanamera track.
Enjoy !