Saturday, 23 August 2014

V.A. Discognosis Compilation Vol. 5 (Colourzone Emulation Of This Cool Unofficial Series)

Here we are, 
this is the final Volume 
of this delicious U.S. 
Compilation series.

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the saucer people said...

Only just realised there was a volume 5! Vols 1-4 have been on regular rotation on my phone - Barabbas are one of my all time favourite artists and Wild Safari is such a great track.

Don't think I have heard the Love Unlimited track before so looking forward to that.

Many thanks for all your hard work lovingly reconstructing these compilations - more than worth it just for the Primates 'King Kong' track and the Sweet Potato Pie 'Hot Disco Nights' track (the latter, a Rinder And Lewis track I had not come across before till this compilation is just out of this world with its proto-breakbeat rhythms)

.... and now I see you have also reconstructed and posted the Canadian Discognosis release - you spoil us, sir!