Wednesday, 20 August 2014

V.A. Discognosis Compilation Vol. 4 (Colourzone Emulation Of This Cool Unofficial Series)

Dance floor scorchers.
The Funk Is On !


Simon John said...

Many thanks Paul gotta love this series.
10 out of 10 ;)

kosmikino said...

Anything with War's Galaxy is a mark of quality with me as it the Bohannon track and of course the Brass Construction track is a killer - strangely enough it was the cover version by the British band 400 Blows that I bought first and was very popular on the more alternative dancefloors here in the UK in the early-mid eighties, it was only later did I discover it's origins.

Excellent quality rips.

lee said...

Thank you for another great set.
Love it !! Excellent sound too !!