Monday, 25 August 2014

V.A. Discognosis Compilation Vol. 1 (Canadian Edition)

This is the only Volume 
that was made for this series 
in Canada.
It contained 3 tracks 
already found in the Vol. 1 U.S. 
Sweet Potato Pie
Kinsman Dazz 
Lalo Schifrin.
I excluded those tracks since 
you already have them on the 
U.S. Volume 1 and I replaced 
them with equally 


Paul Colourzone said...

Thank you for the comments.
After hundreds of downloads I can see how grateful everybody is for the hard work and effort that was put into this series. Which contains some tracks that are near impossible to find.

Enjoy it

george e. said...

Many thanks Paul. I only realized your blog was open again yesterday. Downloaded all Discognosis comps. Gave them a listen today and like them a lot. Took back a lot of tracks I lost. Cheers.

the saucer people said...

In general the ratio of downloads to comments seems to run at about 200-250 downloads to a single comment (and half the time that "comment" is a request for a repost lol).

I for one am very grateful for all your hard work, not only has the series allowed me to replace and update some old 128kbps rips, it's given me the chance to hear some tracks I have only read about over the years and others that I never even knew existed.

I do think people are grateful to you for your efforts, it's just that the majority of these people are so self-absorbed and self-centered these days, even a simple thank you is too much effort after they have clicked the download button - hell, even clicking the "reactions" box is too much like hard-work for them ;)

Nine times out of ten, it's the same few people and fellow bloggers I see in the comments section of all the past and present blogs relating to disco music and thank the gods for those people and bloggers like yourself, without them, my faith in humanity would be zero instead of my current 0.1 score!