Friday, 25 April 2014

Foxy 1976 Lp (Expanded Edition)

Get Off Your AAAHHHH and Dance !


GeorgieBoy said...

It's great to see you sharing your vinyl again Colourzone, I hope you get the recognition you deserve this time around. I always love hearing something that I haven't heard before. I was far too young to enjoy this the first time around, I never stop learning things. This is one sensational album, thanks for sharing mate. I really appreciate it. Cheers mate!

Paul Colourzone said...

I am NOT sharing my vinyl any longer...What you see here is some already posted tracks I did for Disco Connection or other blogs I contributed to.
I am reposting some of these here so the links will not die out.
Any suggestion I am posting indefinetly should be abandoned...I AM NOT COMING BACK and that is final. The future posts you will see here are the ones already on Zippyshare, mediafire or sendspace and when I am finished reupping them it will dry up.