Saturday, 8 March 2014

Victim Of Love (1979)

This is more of a
featuring Elton, than an
Elton John album.
Disco was so huge in 1979
a lot of the top Rock acts
got on the bandwagon.
Elton John was a perfect fit
since he had already
crossed over into the pop
charts with
"Don't Go Breakin' My Heart"
a duet with Kiki Dee.
and his monster radio hit
"Island Girl".
Altho this album was
not as well written
it contains some
bright moments.


DreaminEyez said...

Listening to this LP it has a sort of Donna Summer's Hot Stuff kinda feel. Rock meets Disco. Looking at the back cover makes sense that the producer and arranger were Pete Bellotte & Thor Baldursson. It just seems like there was no input from Elton John on this LP. Certainly not my favorite Elton John LP but interesting listen none the less. Thanks Coulouz

Chris said...

TY COLOURZ, got this one from DiscoConnection blog, never heard this, discovering it for the first time, like you said not his best but still quite a good album ... enjoying it ... many thanks, Chris !!!

Micah Knight said...

This album is my favourite EJ album, also the EP, The Thom Bell sessions (1979)