Friday, 21 March 2014

The Sounds Of The City Experience 1976 Colourzone Remaster of The Remaster

Elusive title re-released on Vinyl and CD
in 2013.
This is a Remaster of the vinyl rip
which in my opinion received a shit remaster.
Note in the back cover only 1000
were printed on vinyl, so very limited release.
originally released on Tiger Lily records
in 1976.
If you want to know the real story of
this group and the original label
"Tiger Lily" you must
Google all information you can
on this label.
This is the same label the
Jackson Sisters album came from.
Sound Of The City was
elusive and much sought after
for years I heard a rumour back in
2004 that a Japanese collector paid
1000.00 USD for a mint copy
of the original Tiger Lily release.


JTF said...

Thank you!

GeorgieBoy said...

Thank you so much for uploading this Colourzone, more importantly, thank you for always taking the effort to achieve the best results possible. This is definitely a wonderful album with such a rich explosion of sound and dimension. A snapshot in time where musical diversity really flourished. This is truly kick arse stuff, love it. Thanks again. Cheers Mate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this record...

Paul Colourzone said...

Cheers Georgie, glad you enjoyed it, You know your stuff.

DreaminEyez said...

Listening to the track It's A Wonderful Baby/ Gina can't help but think it was influenced by MFSB's TSOP. Especially towards the end. Excellent LP, Thanks Paul. Your remasters always sound great

Disco Connection said...

I have listened to the CD copy (courtesy of Deezer) and it is from the master tapes. Sounds awesome too even the bonus tracks are good too.
Regards DC2012

Paul Colourzone said...

Well If it's the same as the lp I have here then I am sorry but I found it lacking any depth and bass as any LP from this genre and time period should have had.
Tiger Lily was a LOW BUDGET Mafia Tax evasion racket label and they spent as little as possible on their materials, Proof is in the Jackson sisters recording as well that almost sounded exactly like this album. I have a rip of the actual Lily with the original version of Miracles and when you compare it to the re-issue you can hear them having Pumped it full of BAss because otherwise it would not attract the Bass-heads like us. You can listen to any 1976 recordings coming from the PHILLY sound and compare the recording to any Tiger Lily's and you will find the same thing in common.
I have not heard the CD yet but In this Vinyl reissue they sure did a PISS POOR JOB.
Man Can't Live on snares ALONE.

kookoo said...

Thank you. I will be sorry to see you go. I've learned so much about an era of music I was not familiar with. I wish it had been more pleasurable for you. I do understand that it is a ton of work. I appreciate your time and talent. All the best in the future. Is there a way to contact you in he future?


george e. said...

Didn't know this, Paul and i like these sounds a lot. Thanks for the unmaster. You should do this for the companies at a proper salary. I couldn't agree more with your comment above! Cheers!