Saturday, 1 March 2014

Special Post - The Big Man ! (Colourzone Complete Reconstruction)

Just like it says boys & girls,
"For Disco DJ's Only".
This Disc was included as a bonus
In the 1975 Release of
The greatest Hits but only
in the promo release.
All the tracks on both sides are
edited in continuous fashion and
although not exactly Dj friendly
mixes it was highly cherished
for having some alternate
versions of the tracks.
This one was in such bad shape
in my collection I decided to
completely reconstruct it by using
the same versions used on it
from remastered alternate sources.
In fact it came out as a clone
of the original but in excellent
sound quality.
I know collectors will be
lickin' their chops over this one.


GeorgieBoy said...

So excited to learn of this. I have some Barry White 12inch disco and a couple of compilations in my CD collection but not nearly enough. Can't wait to hear this.

george e. said...

Didn't know this existed. Many thanks for this rare share.

Nicki Ali said...

Hi Paul want to say Big Thank You for this, i started djing in 75 so i'm a big Barry White fan but didn't know this promo existed even though their were many others over the yrs, some of the promos didn't always make to Ottawa. Thanks Again.!!!!!

JTF said...

Thank you.

CB said...

what a great mix. i never knew it existed. many thanks for sharing this rare release. cb

GeorgieBoy said...

An absolute gem, I absolutely love this, quite a few of my favourite tunes on here. There was nobody like Barry White and there never will be. From his voice to his music ability, he made it all sound so effortless yet everything was woven so intricately. What a legacy he left behind. Thanks for posting this Colourzone. Cheers!

Paul Colourzone said...

GeorgieBoy this 12 inch was added onto the greatest hits volume 1 Promo edition only as a bonus.
Many Dj's relied on this vinyl for having a source of his alternate mixes for some of the tracks that were impossible to get back then. That is the reason this bonus became indispensable to many dj's back then.
The edits themselves truly are not the best on this, almost without rhyme or reason, but it is such a collectors item I had to post it.
Thank you for your comments, altho I may not always chime in I appreciate every single one.