Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Soul Train Gang 1976 (Thx to Disco Connection for the new rip).

Like I said before
I was going to stay
on top of finding
a new and better rip
for this awesome LP.
has come through once again !!!
Thanks to DC we now
have a gorgeous rip we can all enjoy !


scarabeo36 said...

Fantastic LP
Congratulation COLOURZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Colourzone said...

Not the best rip but I am actively searching for a better one.
So enjoy this one for the time being and when a better one comes along I will update the link !

DreaminEyez said...

Thanks for your efforts Paul, Grabbed DC's post. Both of you do such fine work. People don't know how fortunate they are to have people like you and DC who keep this music alive and share it with the world.