Friday, 21 March 2014

Martin "Disco" Circus - Shine Baby Shine 1979 (Colourzone Remaster)

Here is the Other Excellent
Martin Circus LP.
What a disco sound, Upbeat,
Fun, Playful, Charming and Rare.
The Side one tracks
Are not exactly DJ mixed
but they do run into each other
which is why I recorded it Segued,
Meaning one continuous track.

Side A (Segued)
A1-Number One Woman
A2-Calling Time
A3-Each Day

Side B
B1-I've Got A Treat
B2-Shine Baby Shine
B3-Happy Ending


DreaminEyez said...

Wow, I have been searching for this full LP for awhile. Would love to hear when you upload it.

Discosl said...

Thanks once again Paul, you never fail to deliver on the quality of your rips. Love Martin Circus particularly "Shine Baby Shine". Again Thank you

Discosl said...

Hi Paul, Discosl here again, could you please post the download link as it doesn't look like it has been included. Best wishes

VanceMan said...

Great disc; shame it's not as well known as their first disco foray. Thanks for making it available.


Thank you so much.

Nicki Ali said...

Thanks Paul this is awsome.!!!!

george e. said...

Thanks for makin' this available. I liked it better even though it wasn't as "huge" as "Disco Circus".

Alejandro said...

Thank you sooooooo much, Paul!!!!..... "·Shine baby cshine" meant a lot to me back in the day, when I was just 15 y/o.... I still have that cassette mixed by a famous Argentine DJ, where this was included back in 1979(the way it was included was Boogie woogie dancin'shoes-Claudja/Shine baby shine-Martin Circus/Another cha-cha-Santa unforgettable one!!!!!)... Again, Thank you very much, Paulie!!!

andrew said...

a classic indeed... you have to know your disco to appreciate this...

Thank you!!!

ashley said...

lovely restoration work .. many thanks Paul

LjP said...

Merci Beaucoup MAGNIFIQUE

ASP said...

File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server

Please re-upload this album

Dj Francisco Moraes said...

Link is off