Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Martin Circus - Disco Circus (1978/79) Colourzone Expanded Edition

Disco Circus was one of
the tracks that deeply
influenced House Music and
DJ's continued to play it well into
the early 90's.
This Expanded Edition Contains...
The French Original Lp rip from 1978.
The U.S. release Rip.
And Bonus
12 Inch Singles, Bootlegs and Extras.


Nicki Ali said...

Thank you Paul, again i can't express how much i appreciate your work. i come from this era and love the clean rips you put on here, i have tried other blogs and none comes close to yours and the fact this music is very hard to find. again Thank You.!!!!

Discosl said...

Thanks Paul for posting this. Before It Gets Dark is my favourite track but they all offer something. Thanks once again.

yes said...

Thank you for these terrific rarities. Very much appreciated.

DreaminEyez said...

Certainly can hear the influence on 80s & 90s dance music. Fully loaded with extras, Great work Paul!

george e. said...

Thanks for the triple-satisfaction, Paul :)

kookoo said...

Thank you Paul. It all sounds great. Your rips are perfect. Can you tell me where the bootleg mix 'Disco Circus' originated? Is it from the Multimix remix service.

GeorgieBoy said...

Thank you once again for providing us with some high grade quality music Colourzone, much appreciated. I can see what you mean about the influence on house music as well. The nineties and the following decade were my era where there were a lot of disco influences in house music, and somehow in a twist of fate my love for the disco era began to develop. I always wonder if the younger crowd will ever know what they're missing out on?

Madeleine Becker said...

Thank you for these terrific rarities.Your rips are perfect.