Sunday, 2 March 2014

Classic 80's - C.J. - 109 bw. Quetionnaire & Glad To Know You (Rare Canadian Pressing)

3 monster Chas Jankel tracks...
This is not the proper
cover art for my 12 inch
in fact I could not find
the cover art for this
particular 12 inch.
All 3 tracks appear only
in this Rare pressing together.


Nicki Ali said...

Wow My friend u are awsome,i have this on trk on promo vinyl and the jacket was just plain black. big trk in my club at the time when i was DJing. i really appreciate all the work you put into this because i know when you rip vinyl how much work it takes to clean it. Thanks for all this great music.!!!!

VanceMan said...

I think it's criminal that the full Chaz collection hasn't been re-released. Thanks for filling in some gaps, though.

GeorgieBoy said...

I must admit,I wasn't sure about this at first. I always found the 80s a bit dicey where dance music is concerned, but I have to say this is fantastic with an unmistakable British charm. Thanks for this. Cheers Mate!

george e. said...

109 and Glad to know you are my favourite Chas tracks. Thanks for the share.

Jorge Gago said...

Buen Trabajo Paul,es excelente el ''Chas Jankel''.

Jorge Gago de


CB said...

many thanks.this sounds terrific. thank you for sharing. cb

kookoo said...

This is the first time I'm hearing these three tracks. Thank you. They are great.