Friday, 21 March 2014

Martin "Disco" Circus - Shine Baby Shine 1979 (Colourzone Remaster)

Here is the Other Excellent
Martin Circus LP.
What a disco sound, Upbeat,
Fun, Playful, Charming and Rare.
The Side one tracks
Are not exactly DJ mixed
but they do run into each other
which is why I recorded it Segued,
Meaning one continuous track.

Side A (Segued)
A1-Number One Woman
A2-Calling Time
A3-Each Day

Side B
B1-I've Got A Treat
B2-Shine Baby Shine
B3-Happy Ending

The Sounds Of The City Experience 1976 Colourzone Remaster of The Remaster

Elusive title re-released on Vinyl and CD
in 2013.
This is a Remaster of the vinyl rip
which in my opinion received a shit remaster.
Note in the back cover only 1000
were printed on vinyl, so very limited release.
originally released on Tiger Lily records
in 1976.
If you want to know the real story of
this group and the original label
"Tiger Lily" you must
Google all information you can
on this label.
This is the same label the
Jackson Sisters album came from.
Sound Of The City was
elusive and much sought after
for years I heard a rumour back in
2004 that a Japanese collector paid
1000.00 USD for a mint copy
of the original Tiger Lily release.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Francis The Great - Ravissante Baby (1977) LINK POSTED !!!!!

RARE album.
Beautiful slice of Afro
Avant Garde NY Disco sound
from a then child star.
A long heavy tune sung in French and English
that is so different. 

Martin Circus - Disco Circus (1978/79) Colourzone Expanded Edition

Disco Circus was one of
the tracks that deeply
influenced House Music and
DJ's continued to play it well into
the early 90's.
This Expanded Edition Contains...
The French Original Lp rip from 1978.
The U.S. release Rip.
And Bonus
12 Inch Singles, Bootlegs and Extras.

Soul Train Gang 1976 (Thx to Disco Connection for the new rip).

Like I said before
I was going to stay
on top of finding
a new and better rip
for this awesome LP.
has come through once again !!!
Thanks to DC we now
have a gorgeous rip we can all enjoy !

Sunday, 9 March 2014

People's Choice 1980

This was ripped from my
own vinyl, cleaned, slightly
re- EQ'd to compensate for the
Needle colouration of the sound
and slightly noise reduced to
get rid of some background noise.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Victim Of Love (1979)

This is more of a
featuring Elton, than an
Elton John album.
Disco was so huge in 1979
a lot of the top Rock acts
got on the bandwagon.
Elton John was a perfect fit
since he had already
crossed over into the pop
charts with
"Don't Go Breakin' My Heart"
a duet with Kiki Dee.
and his monster radio hit
"Island Girl".
Altho this album was
not as well written
it contains some
bright moments.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Classic 80's - C.J. - 109 bw. Quetionnaire & Glad To Know You (Rare Canadian Pressing)

3 monster Chas Jankel tracks...
This is not the proper
cover art for my 12 inch
in fact I could not find
the cover art for this
particular 12 inch.
All 3 tracks appear only
in this Rare pressing together.

Talk To Me (1980) Colourzone Remaster 2014

Incredible Voice and beautiful
album with a great mix of
downtempo and Dance
oriented tracks.
Dorothy really shines on this
album on every single track.
Even on the well known
"Angel Of The Morning" and
"Something In The Way He Smiles"
She puts forth her own brand
of Soul on them.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Special Post - The Big Man ! (Colourzone Complete Reconstruction)

Just like it says boys & girls,
"For Disco DJ's Only".
This Disc was included as a bonus
In the 1975 Release of
The greatest Hits but only
in the promo release.
All the tracks on both sides are
edited in continuous fashion and
although not exactly Dj friendly
mixes it was highly cherished
for having some alternate
versions of the tracks.
This one was in such bad shape
in my collection I decided to
completely reconstruct it by using
the same versions used on it
from remastered alternate sources.
In fact it came out as a clone
of the original but in excellent
sound quality.
I know collectors will be
lickin' their chops over this one.