Friday, 14 November 2014

El Stud - Reposted for the last Time - New Link

This Movie starring
Joan Collins qualified as a campy
soft porn,
the soundtrack however is an
 amazing testament to
Pop Music for 1978.
Where possible I have Added 
extended versions
and also re-Edited a
couple of tracks myself
David Soul's "Silver Lady" and
Real Things "Let's Go Disco"
to add to the mix.
This soundtrack was released in 2
different versions in North America
and Europe, with a handful
of different tracks which
are included here.
Stretched to a monster 3 CD edition.
The follow up movie and
OST to this one was The Bitch !



ashley said...

Thank you Paul : this is a superb & comprehensive soundtrack compilation. I love the re-edits. Many thanks ! (I look forward to your next project ..)

GeorgieBoy said...

I can't remember which of the two blogs I downloaded this, but seeing as it is one of your uploads I'll leave my comments here. Big thanks for this Colourzone, it is definitely a lot of music to take in and also quite diverse, a whole melting pot of seventies music culture. As a child I was always fascinated with "The Stud" theme song by the Biddu Orchestra, it was and still is a rather sexy seductive tune. I would have only been 3 or 4 years old but it may have been the first time disco had an impact on me. I remember it playing on T.V and I was watching something that maybe I shouldn't have, because my mother came and turned the T.V off, funny the things we remember sometimes.

David Soul shines here with "Silver Lady" I know a lot of people think he was cheesy but I think he was quite talented and rather underrated. "Making Up Again" is pure seventies bliss. The song that still sends shivers up my spine is "I'm Not In Love" by 10 CC, you can hear such heartache and deep emotional pain in it. It really is a song about being in complete denial and that's what makes it so special. There's so much in here to absorb. Thank you for this musical treasure, really fantastic and thanks for the added bonuses too. Cheers Mate!

Gav Worlledge said...

This is such an awesome project Paul!! And what a fantastic job you did with it too!! Even tho I saw the movie years ago, I had forgotten just what an ace soundtrack it had!!

Your tremendous efforts are well noted buddy and I for one am very grateful for this to add to my collection.


John said...

Great to have all these tracks. Thank You

Anonymous said...

thank you. i didn't know this music until i heard it here. It's wonderful that you have shared it. thank you again. cb

Allan Greenwald said...

Links are dead. Please re-post. Thank you.

jempi100 said...

Can you please reupload this great soundtrack. Big Thanx

the saucer people said...

Don't know how I missed this one - I've been searching for a decent rip of the extended mix of Biddu's Stud theme for yonks.

The Stud was definitely one of those films that imprinted on my then nine/ten year old consciousness as it seemed impossibly exotic/erotic/forbidden.

When I finally got around to seeing it many years later, it was the disco scenes and music that impressed me so much - in fact it was through the Stud theme that I got into the work of Biddu (one of the most under-rated 'UK' pioneers of the seventies disco groove).

Great collection of tracks by the way - the AOR/Rock Disco crossover is well represented and reminds us that 'disco' was never a fixed musical genre a such - in fact some of the most interesting tracks emerged from precisely that "band-wagon jumping" between disco and rock such as The Stones "Miss You".

As Allan mentions above, the Mega link is dead sadly, obviously a repost would be desirable but I appreciate it's not always possible for multiple reasons.

jempi100 said...

Could you please reupload this post. Links are dead.Thx

Paul Colourzone said...

I will re-up when time permits...perhaps next week sometime...sorry just busy at the moment.

jempi100 said...

Thx Paul for the reupload.

jempi100 said...

Thx Paul for the reupload. Great

Lee said...

Thanks for the Re-Up .
Great stuff here, love it !

vuoksenniska said...

Thank you very much for this great soundtrack!
You have done great job again.