Monday, 10 February 2014

Neil Cloud - St. Cloux (1978 RARE South African Disco)

Neil Cloud - St Cloux
Extremely rare, sorry I could not
find better copies of the front cover.
Back cover is home made
with a clipping from the original
back cover.
Audio remastered from a web rip
extremely passable and

1.a. Reflections (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) Of My Life      (Campbell/McAleese/Morricone) [11.23]

                                            b. Finale (Campbell/McAleese/Morricone) [6.35]
2.Time Of The Season (Rod Argent) [6.26]
3.Hungry For Your Love (Cloud/Gordon) [4.54]
4.Do You Remember (Cloud) [3.55]
•Neil Cloud: Drums, percussion, vocals
•Johnny Boshoff: Bass, keyboards, string and brass arrangements
•Lionel Martin: Keyboards
•René Veldsman: Vocals
•Malcolm "Funk" Watson: Guitars
•Erwin Keiles: Acoustic, rhythm and synthesized guitars
•John Galanakis: Synthesizers
•Ashley Kelly: Bass
•Israela Weisser: Violin
•Chris Boyle, Lofty Schultz, Hansel van Brugham,
Eric Norgate and John Davies: Brass
Release information:
1978, Epic, DNW 2111
Neil Cloud was the drummer for SA superstars Rabbitt
and after their break-up,he recorded this innovative rock/dance album. 
Some copies are on transparent yellow vinyl... looks very cool!
The whole of side one of the LP is an interesting mix of the
Marmalade's 1970 UK #3 hit 'Reflections Of My Life'
and Ennio Morricone's theme from the Clint Eastwood
movie "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly".
An extract from this track was played on
the radio (Radio 5, I would guess).
'Time Of The Season' is a cover of the
Rod Argent-composed Zombies hit (US #3) from 1969.


Gav Worlledge said...

You superstar!! You've made a classy album sound fantastic Paul! Thanks heaps!! Love the cover art too..good job!!

Disco Connection said...

Many thanks mate a fantastic restore!

kookoo said...

This is great!! Thank you so much!! Sounds amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks...from Italy

Ashley Taylor said...

I have a neil cloud,st cloud record,Actual record yellow in color. DNW 2111.Record never played cover seen better days. Where can i sell it

Paul Colourzone said...

Ebay, Gemm, Discogs, CDandLP and many more sites...Google search can help.
You should do well, it's a RARE Lp from South Africa...Take Snaps of the front and back covers for the site you choose and grade the quality of the vinyl itself.
See if a google search will yield others selling the same item and base your price on that.

Disco Lover said...

Hey DJ C
Be going through by music, came across the first track of St Clouz that I had download back in 2007. I had this album but don't remember it being an import from SA. I was working at a record store back in 78 - 80 and buying about 12 albums/12" a week (only had to pay 3.99/.99). THANKS :)