Saturday, 15 February 2014

It Hurts To Be In Love (1981) Colourzone Vinyl Remaster

Dan gave us some of the most
memorable Disco Anthems
of all time and they shall
remain as such for generations
to come.
However in this 1981 outing
Dan was showcasing the fact
he was not just a one
trick pony.
We all know Dan came from the
Edgar Winter Group a definitive
rock ensemble but in this LP
Dan was trying to show us his
multi-talented personal side.
Beautiful Pop ballads and high
speed Ska/New wave numbers
show us how multitalented this man
really was.
I gave "Pick It up" a fair
amount of spins in my New Wave sets back
when I was Dj'n in those days.



Gracias por compartir saludos bro.

Alejandro said...

Merci beaucoup, mon cher amie!

Alejandro said...

Jajajajajajaj....en serio. muchas gracias, Paul! Un abrazo!

GeorgieBoy said...

The true sign of a truly gifted singer/musician is adaptability and change. Dan Hartman proved that there was life after disco and that he would not be defined by certain era in music. In fact my favourite song that he ever recorded wasn't even a disco track, it was indeed a song by the name of "I Can Dream About You" I was nuts about that song as a young boy and I still love it very much today.
Now onto this album, it's definitely a winner. This is the kind of thing I would listen to when I get out of bed in the morning or listen to on a long road trip, nice and breezy pop. I am a die hard disco fan, but I that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate any other kind of music (a fact that I have found myself reminding my friends of now and again) Anyway thank you for stepping outside the disco box and sharing something different with us mate, I appreciate it. Cheers!

kookoo said...

What a great LP. Thanks you for this!