Saturday, 22 February 2014

George Chandler (Olympic Runners UK) - This Could Be The Night bw Can't Go Back No More (12" 1982) Colourzone Remaster

George Chandler from UK's
Olympic Runners had a few solo
This 1982 soulful effort among
his best.
Very rare and hard to find
12 inch single.


JTF said...


GeorgieBoy said...

Another great post! Very soulful and infectious indeed. Although the 80s wasn't necessarily my favourite decade, I still feel that there was still a lot of great music being released in the early 80s and this is a great example of that. Always a pleasant surprise when the flip side of a single is just as strong. Thank you for sharing! Cheers.

kookoo said...

I love this 12". So smooth. Thank you.