Friday, 12 August 2016

Saint & Stephanie (1979)

A Michael Zager Production.
Contains a beautiful version of
the Holland-Dozier-Holland classic
I Hear A Symphony and the
infectious Last Train To The Boogie.
Also Check out the Slow Jam
I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life.



Chris said...

This album was new to me recently as i was introduced to it, didn't knew that it was produced by MICHAEL ZAGER, i find it interesting as sometimes album produced by a same producer tend to look alike, but this album as it own sound, they've managed to make an effort and really keep their style, a sublime production throughout, there is no fillers on this album, all excellent tracks ... Thanks COLOURZ the sound is even better, their version of Holland-Dozier-Holland "I HEAR A SYMPHONY" is quite something, really done well ... fabulous music ...

stephen Chandler said...

your record collection is second to non
I have loved this since I got it years ago but alas would love a cd copy but your remastering is Good
it will be great
thanks steve

yes said...

Its been years since I've heard this. I did buy a copy, but can't remember if I still have it or not. Thank you for the excellent copy


Congratulations for your geat Blog! Arrived too late for this...
Please, could you re-up? Thank you in advance!

AssEClark said...

Anychance of a re-post

Paul Colourzone said...

I will repost when I get back from my vacation.
Most likely the last week of August.

cdnbob said...

Thanks for sharing these great tunes. Much appreciated.


Lovely! Thanks much, Paul! Keep on keepin' on, mate!

AssEClark said...

Great album, great post
any chance of the album in FLAC