Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rinder & Lewis - Warriors (1979/80)

From 2 of the most visionary producers
of the Disco era,
Rinder & Lewis who brought
us everything from El Coco to
Le Pamplemousse.
These guys were so ahead
of their time with their musical stylings
that most of their work sounds
still fresh today.
Cutting edge and yet still
beautifully lush compositions.


Chris said...

What a great album, W. MICHAEL LEWIS & LAURIN RINDER produced many great DISCO acts in the late 70's on the Avi and Butterfly DISCO labels, from the album WARRIORS, listen for "WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE" with it's killer intro, their cover version of "LOVE POTION #9" and especially my fave on this the superb exuberant "BLUE STEEL", if i remember correctly they have 4 albums made between 77-80 ... great post COLOURZ many thanks and regards for this one ... Chris !!!

VanceMan said...

A great LP. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mark Milburn said...

Been wanting to hear the whole album for a couple of years now THANKYOU


Gracias por su tiempo y trabajo maestro saludos

george e. said...

Paul, I need a HQ copy of this, if possible. Let me know.